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FP-V3603UF / Easy to install easy to change the cartridges
FP-V3603UF / Easy to install easy to change the cartridges    
1. Waterite’s new Vectapure 360 series Ultra Filtration System is an advanced technology class of its own. Filtration to .01 micron, removing cysts, bacteria, viruses as well as chemicals, turbidity and heavy metals... The V360 UF or Ultra Filtration System is a compact, environmentally friendly and under-sink residential or commercial drinking water system. It combines the ease of quick-change colour coded cartridges, while removing cysts, bacteria, and viruses from your water. One of the great benefits of this system is that its Eco-friendly as it produces no waste water. Each system includes all the installation hardware required for easy installation. Pure, refreshing drinking water is always at your fingertips. The Vectapure 360 systems have effortless quarter turn filter cartridges that change in seconds without the need to turn off the water supply! Each cartridge is colour coded for easy and trouble-free selection and installation. Cartridges range from sediment reduction, taste and odour reduction, chlorine reduction and a .01 micron ultrafiltration membrane. Vectapure 360 systems are also ideally suited for commercial foodservice and beverage equipment applications. They are a quality alternative to other commercial filters, combining precise filtration and value to protect vital equipment and to keep business operating costs low. Perfect for coffee and espresso machines, ice makers, juice machines or other appliances that are supplied from a tap water source. Vectapure 360 3 Stage Ultra-Filtration System Kit - Part # V360UF What's in the box? * A ready to hang bracket with all filters and the UF membrane pre-installed * Water feed valve with tubing attached * Stylish quarter turn chrome tap and fittings * Extra tubing * Complete instructions Replacement parts - Click on the "related products" tab above to order or view pricing * Replacement Carbon Block: Taste, odour, chlorine reduction 5 mis: Part # V360212CC-05 ~ 3.8 LPM * 3-6 months 30 ~ 125.25" 2.5" X 12 " * Replacement Sediment Filter: Dirt and particle reduction 5 mic: Part # V360112PP-05 ~ 3.8 LPM * 3-6 months 30 ~ 125 .25" 2.5" x 12" Replacement Hollow Fiber Ultrafiltration Membrane: Part #V360312UF-00 ~ 285 LPD 75 GPD * 2 years Min. 60 .25" 2.5" x 12"

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