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TW30-1812-50 FILMTEC R.O. MEMBRANE 50 GPD   
4. Precision Fabrication FILMTEC elements are produced by precision production methods that reduce the chance of element failure. Beginning with the highest quality raw materials, FILMTEC elements are built to optimum physical tolerances using advanced automated manufacturing equip-ment and a highly controlled manufacturing process that features sonic-welding of critical fastening points. This ensures higher element consistency. After fabrication, FILMTEC elements are subjected to extensive quality testing to make sure that our fabrication standards are met. The quality control process includes visual and vacuum glue line testing, and wet testing to confirm rejection and flow performance. As a result, FILMTEC elements exhibit minimum element-to-element variation and provide con-sistent, predictable and reliable performance. FILMTEC Elements Offer # Spiral wound design # Proven FT30 thin-film composite # Excellent membrane flux # Excellent salt rejection # Precision fabrication # Revolutionary high active membrane surface area # Durability for long-term performance # Resistance to bacterial growth # Tolerance to a wide range of operat-ing conditions # Easier cleaning # NSF certified # FDA clearance for food processing # Elements shipped wet or dry DOW FILMTEC TW30-1812-50 DOW FILMTEC™ reverse osmosis (RO) membranes for home drinking water treatment units are some of the most reliable and consistent elements in the industry. Advanced membrane technology and automated fabrication allow Dow to precisely produce each and every element to tight, pre-defined specifications. Dow’s advanced and consistent RO element quality helps customers develop, and maintain brand recognition along with a reputation for building systems that reliably provide low impurity drinking water. DOW FILMTEC elements are shipped dry for convenient handling and long shelf-life. Dow’s next generation elements are a fully compatible replacement for existing DOW FILMTEC™ residential RO elements. Permeate Flow Rate gpd (m3/d) Stabilized Salt(0.19) Rejection (98.0%) Minimum Salt Rejection (96.0%)

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