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CBR2-10 Series Coconut Shell Carbon Block Cartridge for Lead and Cyst Reduction )
CBR2-10 Series  Coconut Shell Carbon Block Cartridge for Lead and Cyst Reduction )   
1. The CBR2-10 and CBR2-10R are advanced multimedia cartridges designed to reduce chlorine taste & odor, dissolved and particulate lead, cysts, MTBE and certain volatile organic chemicals (VOC's).* CBR2 Series cartridges are manufactured using a patented process and combine powdered activated carbon (PAC) with a specially designed adsorbent medium for lead and mercury reduction. These cartridges are protected by Endurawrap™, a uniquely formulated polyelfin bilaminate prefilter, designed to significantly increase the useful life of the cartridge by trapping sediment that typically plugs carbon block cartridges. In addition to lead reduction, the unique structure of the carbon block enables it to reduce Cryptosporidium, Entamoeba and Toxoplasma cysts and fine sediment particles down to 0.5 microns.* As with our standard CBC Series carbon block, both the CBR2-10 and CBR2-10R are more effective at reducing levels of chlorine taste & odor, MTBE and VOC's.* The CBR2-10R has a built-in flow restrictor (0.6 gpm) to allow for maximum contact time. *Based on manufacturer's internal testing. Features • Nominal 0.5-micron rating* • Lead reduction through 2000 gallons* • VOC and MTBE reduction* • 99.95% reduction of Cryptosporidium, Giardia, Entamoeba and Toxoplasma cysts* • Premium high capacity chlorine taste & odor reduction exceeding 20,000 gallons* • Enhanced dirt-holding capacity*

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